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Intercultural Care in the Social and Healthcare Sector (I-CARE)

Social Care and Health Care professionals play a fundamental role in the lives of a culturally diverse group of clients and patients. Communication and interaction between employees in this sector and the people they help is greatly influenced by their ability to deal with this cultural diversity.

Intercultural competences are an essential element of professional care in the Health and Social Care sector.  However, vocational education and training for people working in this sector often does not fully address how to manage cultural diversity.

The Erasmus+ I-CARE project  aims to support the fundamental role played by Health and Social Care professionals in working with people of different national, ethnic, social and economic origins.  and enabling these clients to benefit fully from the services available – an intrinsic feature of a fair and equal system.

I-CARE will provide people working in the social and healthcare sector with learning and training opportunities that aim to:
• promote communication and social skills in their interaction with clients with migration background
• promote social and emotional learning
• acquire social and personal skills that are essential to their practice
• achieve social understanding and active, confident social participation
• achieve social cohesion and community involvement
• develop a sense of social responsibility
• support social diversity
• reduce prejudices and xenophobia

I-CARE is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training Project No: 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061433