The I-CARE Toolbox

The I-CARE Toolbox contains ten learning modules and training materials designed to support the development of Intercultural Communication Competences in Care Professionals working in the Social and Healthcare sectors.

In addition, the I-CARE App provides mobile access to a range of learning materials and helpful information designed to help people working in the sector to be more informed and to learn ‘wherever and whenever’.  Find out more HERE.

The Trainer's Handbook contains information to assist in the delivery of the I-CARE Training Modules.  It explores the issues of delivering sensitive subjects to learners, by developing a positive learning climate in which learners are free to express and explore their beliefs in a constructive way and aims to help you, as the trainer, to develop your own cultural competence.  With information on how to develop your own training materials, it is designed to support the delivery of the modules, and to develop healthcare staff in delivering a culturally sensitive and inclusive service to all.

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