I-CARE Resources and Downloads

The I-CARE Transnational Situational Analysis and Infographic
An analysis of current training processes, training needs and good practice for improving intercultural communication in the social and healthcare sectors.

Report (Executive Summary in 5 languages)en
The I-CARE Guidelines
For HR managers, trainers and decision makers on the benefits and importance of cultural competence for health professionals working in cross-cultural situations
The I-CARE Toolbox Brochure
The Toolbox Brochure explains the range of learning modules and training materials available in the Toolbox. The modules are designed to support the development of Intercultural Communication Competences in Care Professionals working in the Social and Healthcare sectors. endedkelit
The I-CARE Action Sheets
For staff working in the social and healthcare sector, covering issues of intercultural communication with clients from different cultures.
Language Barriersendedkelit
Cultural Knowledgeendedkelit
Physical Examination & Religious-Ideological Restrictionsendedkelit
Conflict Managementendedkelit
The Role of the Familyendedkelit
Treatment/Perceptions of Careendedkelit
Breaking the Stereotypesendedkelit
Ethical Dilemmasendedkelit
Conflicting Valuesendedkelit
Culture Shockendedkelit
The First Consultationendedkelit
Safe Environment and Mistrustendedkelit