I-CARE Resources and Downloads

The I-CARE Transnational Situational Analysis and Infographic
An analysis of current training processes, training needs and good practice for improving intercultural communication in the social and healthcare sectors.

The I-CARE Guidelines     
For HR managers, trainers and decision makers on the benefits and importance of cultural competence for health professionals working in cross-cultural situations
The I-CARE Action Sheets     
For staff working in the social and healthcare sector, covering issues of intercultural communication with clients from different cultures.
Language Barriersendedkelit
Cultural Knowledgeendedkelit
Physical Examination & Religious-Ideological Restrictionsendedkelit
Conflict Managementendedkelit
The Role of the Familyendedkelit
Treatment/Perceptions of Careendedkelit
Breaking the Stereotypesendedkelit
Ethical Dilemmasendedkelit
Conflicting Valuesendedkelit
Culture Shockendedkelit
The First Consultationendedkelit
Safe Environment and Mistrustendedkelit