Launch of the I-CARE Action Sheets for Intercultural Communication


Launch of the ICARE Action Sheets

In order to provide the social and healthcare workers with firsthand information to gain knowledge, skills, competences and self-confidence in dealing proficiently with aspects of intercultural learning in their daily work, the I-CARE consortium created the Action Sheets for intercultural competencies (Intellectual Output number 3 foreseen by the project).

The Action Sheets are attractive one-page illustrations, which provide information on how to manage challenging intercultural situations. For the development of the Action Sheets, the partners used the knowledge gathered by the field research conducted for the project and desk research on each of the topics.

The topics covered by the Action Sheets are:

  • Language barriers
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Physical examination
  • Conflict management
  • Role of family
  • Treatment & perceptions of care
  • Breaking the stereotypes
  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Conflicting values
  • Culture shock
  • First consultation
  • Safe environment & mistrusts

The Action Sheets are available in English, German, Danish, Greek and Italian.

To view the I-CARE Action Sheets in English, Danish, German, Greek or Italian CLICK HERE: